Terms of service

Playboy.BZ Terms Of service.

By purchasing from our store you AUTOMATICALLY agree with our terms listed below regardless of them being read or not.

1. Account Delivery

- Some of the products on the store are manually delivered products and most deliver times will range from 1 - 5 days Maximum. By purchasing from our store that means you show awareness that product delivery isn't instant to ensure the quality and freshness of the account.

2. Refund & Replacements.

By default none of these accounts have a extended warranty period. You'll only be refunded or replaced if one of the three things happen. 1. Account dies without you using "within 48hr after delivery" 2. The account isn't delivered as described. 3. The account had issues that were caused by seller which affected the overall functionality of the account.

3. Disputes & Chargebacks

As mentioned above, it's recommended that you have patience when dealing with us, if you choose to be impatient and make a dispute without attempting to come to a common resolution with us. Any WARRANTY WILL BE VOIDED. Likewise, if you attempt to chargeback from our store you'll be banned from purchasing from our store with a release of your information.

4. Account security

Please make sure to change all of the passwords for your security and to make sure only you have full access. If there’s a recovery email linked please remove it and put one of yours. Do so within 24 hours